Dr.Krish Sairam

Consultant Urological & Robotic Surgeon


"The doctor who saved my life.” >

My name is S. Ranganathan, aged 64 years. I consulted D Krish Sairam with the problem of obstruction of urine, which I had had for a long time. Investigations revealed that I had multiple stones in both sides in my urinary tract besides abnormal enlargement of prostate. Consequently, I had to undergo 4 surgical procedures, 2 at the first sitting (TURP and clearing the stones on the left side) and 2 in the second sitting (PCNL and clearing the stones in the right side), all within an interval of 3 to 4 weeks. Though the above procedures which I had to undergo are fairly complicated, Dr Krish Sairam explained it all very patiently, just as he would to a student, in a phased manner on 5 different occasions, each with a duration not less than 45 minutes.

The kind way he educated me is unbelievable and never in my past have I experienced it with any doctor.This and his repeated reassurance boosted my confidence immensely. The procedures went on very smoothly and I did not experience any significant pain throughout the treatment. He enabled easy co-ordination with the anesthetist and his colleague Dr Thirumalai Ganesan, besides updating us constantly via phone and email despite his busy schedule.

Much against my expectation of regaining normal health only by the middle of April 2013, I regained more than normal health as early as the end of February 2013. I am at a complete loss for words to commend the expertise and the patient friendly approach of Dr Kish Sairam and his team for their remarkable contribution in my case. I have never come across a surgeon of the order of Dr Krish Sairam so far in my 64 years of age. I honestly feel that he is a real boon to the medical fraternity, rendering exceptional service with a smiling face in the Indian atmosphere now. Upon completion of my treatment now I feel he is as near as a member of my own family.

"The doctor who saved my life.”

My name is Aude Fitzek, a French citizen living in India for the past 17 years. I am 44 years old.

I developed severe urinary frequency and lower abdominal pain and had visited several urologists in the city. It was fortunate that I then found DrKrish Sairam who made an accurate diagnosis of invasive bladder cancer (G3pT3a).

Dr Sairam spent several hours over multiple visits with both my husband and myself. I then underwent robotic radical cystectomy in January 2012, where my entire bladder was removed along with 17 lymph nodes. I was expecting to be in hospital for several days but was discharged on the 5th day after the operation!


I have had more than 20 surgical procedures in my life but the best so far was the treatment provided by by Dr Sairam and his team. I felt very relaxed and confident during my entire treatment since Dr Sairam kept my husband and self informed at every step of the way.

Four of the 17 lymph nodes that were removed had cancer deposits in them and Dr Sairam advised chemotherapy. I underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy. I was declared to be clear of cancer during my recent visit to the urology and oncology clinics.

After 6 months, I am now able to plan for my future, live a normal life, travel, swim, etc. Words are not enough to thank Dr Sairam but – Thank you so much
Dr Sairam, for saving my life.

   Aude and Joerg Fitzek,


I’m pleased to write about DR. Sairam who has been my consultant urologist for the past 1 year since getting diagnosed with prostate cancer by June 2011.He has been treating and guiding me since then. He is not only a highly skilled surgeon but also a humble, patient and understanding person.

It was he who suggested me Robotic assisted radical prostectomy surgery for removal of cancerous tissue from the prostate gland. Since the facility was in a premature state in Chennai he guided us to get it done at Bangalore. Not stopping with that alone he took all efforts in helping my family organise the scheduled of the entire procedure completely. He also gave me full support in getting the necessary approvals from the public sector company with which I was employed.

As a surgeon his skills are highly commendable. I had my robotic assisted prostectomy and hernia repair done at the same time by Dr.Krish. Though me and my family was worried about the procedure before the operation, we knew we did the right thing of getting it done after seeing my prognosis immediately after surgery. I was able to walk , eat and returned to normalcy the very next day .And in a months’ time there weren’t any scars in the operated site. People could hardly recognise me as a person who underwent a surgery. All the credits go to Dr.Krish Sairam.

The one special quality that I like in him the most is he never hesitates to consult with his seniors (some of whom are abroad ) and colleagues before finalising the treatment plan. That gives me a sense of security and I don’t find it necessary to go for a second opinion with another consultant as Dr. Krish himself does that for me indirectly.

Apart from being my surgeon he has also become a family friend of mine. As a patient and person I was given the best treatment by Dr.Krish in all aspects, there’s nothing called recommendation in the field of medicine and health as everyone is unique. But from my experience with him I feel he’s a person and a doctor whose not just reliable and trustworthy but also humane and patient.

Thank you doc!!! For being with me always

A.Chelladurai Chennai, India


Christian S Okon [Pathbreaking LESS Nephrectomy]